Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Archer made his way to a pud where he could enjoy a drink and something to eat. Tomorrow with the tide the ship would head to pick up his marooned crew members. He sat alone at a table and ordered a pint along with something to eat.
“Why would it come here?” asked the mysterious women.

“It is an assassin daemon,” answered her master, “someone here crossed the wrong person.”

“Or thing,” said his apprentice, “Do we know who or what is paying it?”

Her master was looking something on the ground. After moving some stones around him shook his head “We don’t even know who the target is.” He answered. “But it went this way.”

The trail led them down the docks to a large man of war called the enterprise. They went up onto the ship the women had her ax drawn. There was no guard, everything was quiet.

“Must be off enjoying a last day of leave.” she suggested.

“No.” said her master, “its here.” His voice was hushed, “it has gorged its self on fear and confusion.”

She carefully stepped back. She stepped on something looking in the dim light she saw a severed limb. She jumped slightly, “their…”

“..All dead.” Her master finished for her.

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