Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Archer’s crew didn’t put up a fight as the pirates locked them all in the brig. By the next afternoon the Lorain was with in range of the long boats. The enterprise crew was put in two long boats and sent on their way with provisions.

The Lorain then made its way to Thule. There it would be repaired, refitted and renamed before it could head out to retrieve the fishbone from Meylisa.

By the time the Lorain made birth, the Enterprise had finished its own repairs and finished taking on the supplies they would need. It was going to be the last night of leave. Most of the crews were in the town enjoying what the town had to offer. No one noticed a much smaller boat enter the port.

“Are you sure it is here?” asked the women in the ship.

“Yes.” Said the man, “it is here, its stench lingers here.”

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