Thursday, October 02, 2008


Two days after the Lorain had dropped off the prisoners of war to the fort the ship spotted the designated island.

Jonny’s crew knew the plan and waited for the signal.

The next morning the island was closer and Jonny gave the signal. All of his crew rushed the few remaining sailors from the Enterprise. Before any of them could react each had a sword at his throat or a gun aimed at his head.

“Listen up.” Said Jonny, “we’re taking this ship, and out of respect for your captain we will give you your lives on that island there. Till we get close enough for you to take the long boats, you will stay in the brig.”

At first no one moved, “come now gents I want to do this without blood shed, at the first port we get to we will send word to your captain. On that you have my word.” Jonny said.

“What good is the word of a pirate?” asked one in the crowd.

Jonny thought a moment and then answered as he pointed his cocked gun at the man, “I think the real question is what choice have you got?”

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