Wednesday, October 01, 2008


It was a dark cave along a cliff, and it smelled horribly. “Do you accept the offer?” Tristan asked the Dark figure in the corner.

“You said he is the captain of the enterprise.” said the creature who kept to the shadows.

“Yes.” Tristan answered.

“That ship is one of St. Clair’s.”

“Yes.” Tristan was a bit tense, and he did not try to hid his feelings in his voice.

“Then he is a templar.”

“Yea, Is that going to be a problem?” Tristan asked rolling his eyes and folding his arms across his chest.

“No problem, I just like to know what I am up against.” The creature shifted in the water that covered the floor of the cave, “what of the crew?”

“I don’t care about the ship or the crew, I just want the captain dead.” Tristan said, “Do you understand.”

The light from the mouth of the cave reflected in the creature’s eyes, “It will be done.”

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