Thursday, September 18, 2008


By that afternoon the dead were put to rest and the Lorain made its way to the fort where they would drop off the French prisoners. It was going to be a long trip. Bethyam was there to continue to help the wounded. Jinx was helping her in the sick bay. He was amazed at her ability. At first he attributed it to the fact that she was a Nephilum but then noticed she was doing more then just touching the wounded, more then mixing herbs and other foul thing to heal. She anointed and prayed over them before she began to treat or clean the wounds.

Late in the evening Galeed brought her some tea. She was busy with a patient so he left it with jinx simply saying, “make sure she eats.”

When she finished changing the bandage on a patient Jinx pulled her away to eat. Wail she stirred sugar into her tea he said, “You’re healing doesn’t come from you Nephilem side.”

Bethyam tapped her spoon on the side of her tea cup, “not exactly.” She placed her spoon on the table and then took a sip of her tea, “my ability is a gift from god and has nothing to do with the evil one. I was born long after the break of my father’s curse.” She took a bite of the food her father had brought her.

“You’re not cursed?”

Bethyam nodded, “The Nephilum have no power over me. "

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