Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The building master left the two captains, “Jonny,” began Archer, “you can not ask this of me.”

“I shouldn’t have to.” Said Jonny, “your title and colors don’t change who and what you are.”

“I’m a member of her royal highnesses navy. How would it look if I gave a pirate a ship?” Archer asked.
“You are more then that.” Said Jonny, “You are where you are because of who you are.” Jonny said, “According to the oath we both took you owe me this ship.”

“I’m not a pirate John.” Archer said defensively.

“No you are not.” Jonny agreed, “But you are a member of St. Clair’s armada. My ship was destroyed by this ship, and you wouldn’t have taken it with out my help.”

Archer sighed, “All right, I’ll think of something to tell my superiors.”

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