Monday, August 11, 2008


Lucky made her way to the sick bay. One of the sailors had told her that was where she would find her brother. By this time most of the wounded had been cared for. The dead were being sown up in their hammocks. They would be sent to a water gave soon. Jinx was wrapping the wound of one of man.

“Since when do you play doctor?” Lucky asked when she found him.

Jinx looked up at her and smiled, “Just thought I’d lend a hand.” He finished up and helped the man lie back down. “What do you need?”

“What makes you think I need anything, maybe I was just worried about you.” Lucky answered with her arms crossed.

“You have need something face.” Said Jinx.

“Well we just need to get to Maylesa’s as soon as possible so we can get the map.” Lucky looked at the Floor as she spoke.

“I know,” said Jinx, “Jonny has said he will help us, but how we are going to convince Maylesa to give us the fish bone is beyond me.”

They were both quiet a moment then Lucky remember something. “Oh wait,” Lucky smiled as she spoke, “I think I might have an answer for that. Come on.”

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