Thursday, July 24, 2008


Blôdughadda’s cabin was a dark and damp place, the windows were covered by think black curtains. The room was lit by a chandelier which held five candles.

Tristan stepped in and saw his mother wiping clean one of her many knives. Strapped to the table was the man she’d been torturing. He hadn’t been aboard the Zered long. “sorry to interrupt mother.” Tristan said as he entered the room.

“It’s quite alright,” Blôdughadda said as she slide the knife back into its case. “we were just finishing.” She jerked her head signifying to the guard in the corner that she was finished. He unstapled the victim and took him out of the cabin. “They are so rebellious when they first come aboard.” She remarked, and then turned her attention to her son, “have you brought good news?”

Triston rubbed the back of his neck, “The spell is holding…”

“But?” Blôdughadda asked.

“Her heart is becoming involved.” He answered.

Blôdughadda was organizing her tools of torture and pain. She paused and held up a particularly nasty one, ‘that will only make the spell stronger.”

“Actually,” he paused, “it is involved with another man.”

Blôdughadda said nothing for a moment clearing the table of her devices, “you will just have to kill him then.”

“That could stop the curse altogether.” Tristan said.

Blôdughadda looked at her son, “Don’t Let her know it was you.” Her voice carried below it the threat of what would happen if he failed.

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