Thursday, July 17, 2008


Closer then any would have imagined, hidden among a dark fog was the ghost ship Zered, captain by the monstrous Blôdughadda, one of the seven agree Gods of the sea.

Her bulk head was that of a women who was very much alive. Blộdughadda strapped a young virgin to her ship once every ten or so years. She said the virgin blood splattered on the hull of her ship gave it the impermeable nature.

The water was disturbed as the black and red sea dragon burst fourth and came up on to the deck. There he transformed into his human form.

The crew of the Zered were Rephaites, a type of bound ghosts who had once been men and women who had at the face of death agree to sell themselves to Blôdughadda rather then face the frozen plain of hell. For every year that pasted their straight did not diminish but their bodies became less and less recognizable as human.

As Tristan stood those nearest him kowtowed before him.

“I need to speak with my mother.” Tristan said.

“She’s in her cabin my lord.” Said one seaman whose voice shook as he or perhaps she spoke.

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