Friday, July 11, 2008


Lucky walked out on the deck looking for her brother, more walking then actually looking for him. She was so mad at Tristan, the way he talked about the captain. James was a better man then Tristan would ever be.

It had also bothered her that Tristan bothered her, and that the captain was so protective of her. She stood at the rail breathing in the salty sea air. She sighted. The faster she and Jinx could get the key back the better.

Jonny found Captain Archer inspecting the work of the builders. “so he asked, “Is she sea worthy?”

“she still needs some repairs but she’ll makes it to port for them. We should be able to get the repairs needed.” Answered Mr. Satterley.

“Will she make it to Thule?” Jonny asked as he surveyed the work.

“Why would you be asking that?” asked Archer.
“You know why.” Jonny answered.

Archer looked at his master builder, “Could you give us a moment.”

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