Thursday, April 03, 2008


“and that’s the last of it.” Said Satterley, “Good work men” he looked over at William, “translate please.”
William nodded and translated.
Satterley patter Galeed on the shoulder, “We couldn’t have done this with out your help.” He then headed up to find his captain.
Galeed sat out of breath.

Captain Archer was in his cabin arguing with Lucky. “The Whole point is I told you on this ship in your state room.”

“Did you really think that I was going to just sit around and wait for you to come back from battle?” Lucky asked in a raised voice.

“Well you promised.” Archer yelled, “For us mere mortals promises mean some thing.”

Lucky was shocked, “Wow.” She stepped back hurt, “Wow,” she was speechless.

“Maybe promises are just something your people say to satisfy the ignorant masses.”

Lucky breathed deep, “First off I’m mortal, I was going to stay out of the battle, and Why do you care so much any way?”

Now it was Archer’s turn to be caught off guard. A beat passed, “I am the captain, and I expect my orders to be followed.”

“I am not one of your crew!” Lucky shouted.

There was a tap on the door, Satterley opened the door a bit, “sorry to interrupt Captain but the Lorain is ready.”

“Good,” said the captain, ‘I’ll come and see it.” He left with out saying anything to Lucky.

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