Thursday, April 10, 2008


“He really likes you.”

Lucky turned, “Tristan.” She said with a hint of distain, “what are you doing here?”

Tristan smiled, he was leaning against the wall, “I was in the neighborhood and heard the battle.”

“And you were looking for a free lunch.” Said lucky her voice was a tad sharp.

Tristan stood up, “If you haven’t noticed the captain has left, and you don’t have any quarrel with me. At least not that I know of.” He walked over to the captain’s desk and picked up one of the chess pieces that was there. he moved the piece in his hand looking at it from all angles.

“Sorry,” Lucky apologized, “He just made me so mad.”

Triston put the piece down and picked up one of the books and looked it over, “And I completely agree, what right did he have to bar you from the fight?”

Lucky held out her hand to take the book from him. “he is a gentlemen,” she answered as Triston gave her the book which she placed back on Archer’s desk. “he didn’t want me to get hurt.”

“you are a daughter of the sea,” he sat in Archer’s chair. “Like a battle could kill you.”

Lucky shrugged and sat on the desk, “I’m not like you Triston, I will die someday.”

“Lucky,” Triston said surprised, “why are you defending him?”

Lucky brushed a stray hair out of her face and then folded her hands in her lap, “well he had a point, maybe I should be more careful.”

“You’re not serious.” Triston said standing and put one hand on either side of her on the desk, “he’s making you doubt yourself.”

“No,” Lucky stood and broke away from him, “Just making me realize my bounders.”

“Lucky, Lucky.” Triston took her hand and rubbed it, “you are a daughter of the sea, capable of greatness, the world is your oyster.”

Lucky removed her hand from his grasp, “I need to find my brother, excuse me.” She left the room.

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