Thursday, March 06, 2008


“Right.” Jinx said to the doctor. He walked up to Bethyam. He placed his hand on her shoulder, “come on the doctor says we should leave.”

“He’s going to die.” She said.

“The doctor is going to try and keep that from happening.” Jinx attempted to reassure her. “we should get out of the way so he can do his work.”

Bethyam ignored him and stepped closer to the sick man. she touched his forehead, “he has a fever” she looked closer at his wounds.

Jinx watched her, her movements showed that she was familiar with sickness. She picked up a damp cloth and began to wipe away the blood and debris that was in the wound.

“Jinx I told you to get her out of here.” Jinx had not heard Dr. Reed walk up behind him.

“I’m working on it.” He went and took Bethyam’s arm. “We have to go.”

Bethyam ripped her arm out of his grasp, “A healer knows where she is needed.” She went back to cleaning the wound, “I need water, clean linen a needle and thread, and Lian Qiao.”

“Miss.” Dr. Reed said, “Pleas this is no place for you to be.”
Bethyam looked up from the wound, “I begain my training as a healer before I learned to speak, I am very good as what I do and have seen far worse then this. You would do well to accept my help.” Her voice was filled with confidence and though her words were strong her tone in no way sound condescending or harsh.

Dr. Reed thought a moment running his hand thought his hair, “very well, there is more here then I can even begin to handle even with the surgeons from the other crews. Jinx get the lady everything she asks for, though I don’t have any Lian quiao, what ever that might be.”

Bethyam smiled, “that is fine, I have some herbs in my bag.” She turned to Jinx, “It’s back in the captain’s cabin.”

“I’ll be right back then.” Jinx said then left the sick bay.

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