Thursday, February 28, 2008


In one quick moment Galeed parted his hands with his hands outstretched. No one noticed what he had done right away. But the patching of the ship miraculously became easier. It seemed they were suddenly not fighting the rushing water. One of the French sailors yelled something.

Mr. Satlerly, the Enterprise’s carpenter, looked over to see what the yelling was about. There stood Galeed noticed for the first time.

Galeed’s eyes met Mr. Satlerly, “I can not hold back the sea for long.”

The surprised carpenter began to Hurry the others on.

Bathyam walked around the beds in the sick room. She could taste the blood in the air, and feel the anguish. Many of them would die far from home, far from family and friends, never to see their loved ones ever again. They all knew this could happen when they singed on, but many of them were young and did not know death could be anywhere near them. She was still on the French ship. Many of the men lying waiting for death to take them had done or threatened to do monstrous things to her. She knew she should hate them, but she could not make herself see them as the monsters who had kidnapped her and tortured her to control her father, she saw them for what they were, poor men who lie at the brink of the end.

Jinx watched Bathyam. Her expression didn't fit what he expected. He had expected her to be glad at the death of those who had been the cause of her pain. Instead he saw tears on the verge of spilling from her eyes.

“Jinx.” The Surgeon form Jonny’s ship, Dr. Reed cut into Jinx’s thoughts, “She shouldn't be here, this is no place for a lady. "

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