Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Jinx went back to the captain’s cabin to free Bathyem. When she saw him she asked, “Did you get it?”

He held the key for her to see and smiled, he quickly undid the lock and helped her to stand. “Now that’s better isn’t it?”

Bathyam nodded.

“So we should discuses terms.” Said Jonny

“Not till I find the captain.” Said archer as he moved along the deck. “and the ship is far from being sea worthy, I’ll have to get my builders down there as soon as possible.”

“Perhaps my men could be of some assistance.” Jonny suggested.

“A kind offer to be sure…”

“Captain Archer!” Archer was interrupted by a voice.

Both captains turned to see lucky running up to them, “weren’t you supposed to stay on my ship?”

Lucky scowled, “did you really thing I was going to be commanded like one of your men?” Lucky softened her glare, “besides I have something for you.” She held up the French captain’s sword, “the ship is yours.”

Captain Archer took the sword, “In that case,” he said, “let’s try to keep her afloat! Every able bodied man see to the Hull!” He ordered his men, “let us see if we might save this catch.” He then repeated the order in French.

Jonny’s men who were near by looked at their captain to see what he would do. He nodded to give them the same order.

Below water rose at a frightening pause. The French builders were doing their best to stop the water from rushing in. sailors manned the pumps however more water was coming in then going out.

No one noticed a man enter who wore a hooded cloak.

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