Thursday, January 31, 2008


Jinx did not have time to think there was no way to escape.

There was a gun shot and a blur of skirts slammed into the captain. The captain stumbled. Lucky had shot him in the stomach. The large man came at her, but Lucky raised her pistil and shot him in the head. The French captain was dead.

Lucky blew over the top of her pistil and smiled at her brother, “Miss me?” she asked.

Jinks smiled and held up his hand. She took it and helped him to his feet.

The French men started talking and yelling with their hands over their heads. Lucky looked around, William was standing within ear shot. “Will what are they saying?”

“Captain’s down,” Will yelled back, “Surrender.”

Jinx ignored it all, he turned the captain’s body over and pulled out a key which was on a ribbon then he left.

“Jinx what?” Lucky tried to ask but he ignored her. Lucky shrugged and took the captain’s sword. Then went to find Captain Archer.

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