Thursday, February 21, 2008


Bathyam walked with Jinx out on the deck. She was overwhelmed by the wounded dieing and dead that surrounded her. She watched as several sailors carried the sick off. “Where are they taking them?” she asked.

“To the sick bay, the surgeons will save all that they can.” Jinx answered.

“Take me there.” Bathyam demanded.

Jinx was startled, “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Bathyam said forcefully. When jinx didn’t show that he was going to follow her instructions she said, “If you don’t take me there I will find it myself.”

“All right.” Said Jinx, “we’re going.”

The crews were in a frenzy. The Lorain was sinking fast. Everyone who could without being in the way were patching up the ship so it could be limped into a harbor for complete repairs. The pumps were not left unmanned. When one man got tired another took over.

In the hull no one really noticed the strange man who stood silently. He pushed back his hood so he could see. This revealed his inhuman features still no one paid him any head. Galeed surveyed the room then said something under his breath. He brought his hands together and closed his eyes. He spoke words that none in the room understood or even heard above the banging of tools

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