Thursday, January 24, 2008


“Uh miss?” Pip was getting uncomfortable about Lucky being on the deck. She was standing on the rail leaning over the edge hanging on to one of the ropes. “Please I don’t think that the captain would like you to be up there.”

“Never mind what the captain would or wouldn’t like.” Said Lucky as she watched the battle on the other ship. Her brother had come out on deck and seemed to be doing fine but…

“Miss Lucky, you really should get down.” Said Pip. Lucky didn’t hear him.

Jinks holding his own till he actually caught up with the captain. Despite Jinx’s experience with a sword the captain Disarmed him easily. The captain slashed at Jinx, which would have sliced him open but Jinx jumped back avoiding the captain’s blade. His foot slipped on a puddle of blood form a man left to bleed out. The next thing Jinx knew he was looking up at the captain who was about to drive his sword into his heart.

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