Thursday, November 08, 2007


Lucky heard the cannons. It had begun.

The officer of the watch yelled for the men to get down in French. They dove as the stern of the ship was hit. Pieces of wood flew as shrapnel cut threw the ship.

When it was over Jinx saw the captain. He stood looking at the aftermath. He gave orders in French and the French crew moved to their battle stations wail several of the soldiers took the shang-hide pirates below. “William.” Jinx said, “What’d he say?”

“He said to stations and to get the pirates below.” William answered as he and the others were taken below. They were locked back in the brig.

“Well,” Johnny said, “If there is a boarding party, the Good French captain shan’t be expecting our help.”

“Fire again lads!” Yelled Archer.

Logan relayed the message.

Lucky heard the cannon’s fire again. She wondered how long it would be before they boarded.

Jinx and the others in the brig listened to the Lorien be pelted by ammunition. “They getting closer,” he said. The Lorien returned fire.

“Rudder’s gone captain.” Logan announced. “Their fish in a barrel.”

“Good.” Captain turned to the helms man, “take us in.” His crew was ready for battle. The crew knew his plan. Their ship drew closer to the Lorien soon they would be boarding.

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