Thursday, November 15, 2007


The crew of the Enterprise stormed the Lorian. The French sailors had little time to prepare. Archer led his man as he fought beside them. He led them on to the main deck of the Lorian. The Lorian crew was waiting for them. They were all trained in the art of war.

Lucky snuck out of her bunk ands went to the deck. “Miss,” Pip the youngest of the cabin boys said when he saw her, “captain said you weren’t to leave your cabin.”

“He’s over protective.” Luck said, “Don’t worry I’ll stay out of the battle” she walked up to the helm, “I just want to watch.”

The prisoners in the brig could hear the fighting above them and called out when a small group of sailors made their way to the brig.

The pirates recognized the uniforms of the Royal British Navy and stepped back.

A young man got the keys and began to unlock the cells. “Fight with us,” he said, “And our captain has promised a reward.”

“Your word?” asked Jonny.

The young man nodded, “and the word of Captain James L Archer.”

Jonny nodded with a strange smirk on his face, “then give us arms.” He led his men up onto the deck.

Ishmael caught his captain’s are as they headed out on the deck, “What about when they find out we’re pirate?”

“Leave that to me,” Jonny said almost laughing.

Jinx stayed behind momentarily to speak with the young man who had freed them, “Is my sister…”

“She’s safe back on our ship.” The Young man said.

Jinx chuckled, “really?”

“Captain’s orders.”

“Well.” Jinx said as he continued to chuckle, “it’ll be the first time she’ll have followed the orders of any man.”

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