Wednesday, October 31, 2007


That morning before the sun rose a bog bank rolled in. Weather it was by the will of Galeed or an act of nature was unknown. The crew of the Persephone However was confident that they had lost the Enterprise for good.

At the change of the crew Jinx and half the crew of the rising sun went out on the main deck. He searched the horizon attempting to make out anything through the fog. He was ordered up the main mast to lose the sail. From the top he glanced at the horizon. He said nothing, but as he finished his task he heard something as he climbed down the mast hoping to glimpse something.

“There it is.” Archer said he handed the glass to his first mate, Logon. “About two points of the port bow.”

“Hardly see anything in this fog.” Logon said.
“Aye, But she is there.” Archer said, “Have the forward cannons ready they’ll be Changing watch soon. When we hear the bell we’ll take out the rudder.”

Lucky sat in anticipation. She held on to her compass waiting for the shots to fire.

Jinx made his way down and found Jonny, “She’s hear.” He whispered then continued to some other task that needed done.

As the officer of the watch walked by him, Jinx whispered over to William who was near him, “What are they talking about?”

“The mid ship man said he saw something.”

Jinx watched a moment then he felt it, before anyone saw it. “Get down will.” He said as he knelt.

William took Jinx advice and knelt as he did so he heard an explotion and there was a flare and black smoke.

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