Friday, October 26, 2007


Archer could not deny what the compass said, nor could he deny what he clearly saw. Lucky said nothing only looked at him waiting for his answer.

“We trusted the compass.” He finely said, “we will trust in again.”

“But Captain…” Interjected the helms man.
“Change your heading Mr. Halkens.” The captain ordered. He then looked at lucky, “go to your bunk and no escapes this time. On my ship you are a lady.”

Lucky closed her compass and smiled, “Aye aye captain.” She said as she headed down to her state room.

Back in her state room Lucky finished to adjustments to her dress. The corset was no longer going to restrict her gills and added some ribbon; the color had grown on her. It wasn’t quite as common or ordinary, as she had first thought it.
Perhaps it is like they say, “the woman makes the dress, not the dress that makes the women.”
Lucky looked around, she could have swarn she had heard Triston's voice, but he wasn't there. she touched her lips, the strang filling that she had had sence Triston had kissed her was still there.

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