Monday, October 22, 2007


The sun set and small stars pieced the night sky. Lucky stood near the helm watching the ship ahead. The Enterprise was anxious. They were excited for the catch and the prize that waited them.

Captain Archer came up next to her, “tomorrow morning she will be ours.”

Lucky smiled, “Tomorrow the battle begins.”

“You should get some sleep,” Archer said, “then tomorrow…”

“Battle,” Lucky interrupted.

“Battles are for men not a place of a lady.”

“What ever gave you the impression that I was a lady?” Lucky turned to look at Archer, “It won’t be my first fight nor the last.”

Archer shook his head, “Not this one,” he said, “Not wail you are aboard my ship.”

Lucky stepped back away from archer and the rail. “Well this is your ship,” she headed down the stairs to the stateroom she had been occupying. “I guess you make the rules.” She opened up her compass as she walked, the stopped, something was wrong. “Archer?”

“What?” Archer answered her.

Lucky hurried up the stairs, “we’re headed the wrong way.”

“What to you mean? The ship is right there.” Archer pointed.

“I know.” Lucky said, “But the compass says it’s that way.”

Archer looked at the needle pointing out over the port stern.

“Your compass must be wrong.” Said the man at the helm.

Lucky shook her head, “The eyes can be tricked but the compass can not be.”

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