Thursday, September 27, 2007


A new cut was made, not deep enough to kill, enough to spill her life force on the ground. The women said nothing she only looked at Galeed, attempting to be strong.

The sailor cut again this time the women made a sound and a tear fell from her eye.

The sailor placed his knife against her throat this would be the last.

“I’ll not tell you again.” The captain said.

“I can’t destroy the ship.” Galeed repeated.

“Fine!” the captain turned to his man and spoke to them in French. The sailors sneered and the women’s eyes widened in fear. They began to pet her and pull at her cloths as they took her away. The women screamed.

Jinks new the sound, it wasn’t just a scream. It was the sound that was made in total helplessness. It was a final plea for help. It was a sound that Jinks had heard one other time in his life.

Galeed threw himself against the bars.

“Perhaps you would like to watch?” the captain said with an evil smile. “Just destroy the ship and I will stop them, before they take her.”

Galeed seemed torn.

“I take no pleasure in saying that she will be had, and when they are done they will drop her into the sea with a canon ball strapped to her ankle.”

“There might be another way.” Jinks interrupted.

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