Thursday, September 20, 2007


Galeed paused before answering as if he was thinking of the right the words. Jinx looked intently at Galeed wondering what he would answer.

Galeed closed his eyes and answered, “The ship holds another of my kind, I am unable to do such a thing.”

The captain swore in French. “You do something or there well be consequences.”

The pirates all looked at galled they all knew his power. They had seen him call up storms and the waves bend to his will. They all waited for it seemed they would learn why Galeed bended to the French Captain.

“What ever I would do,” Galeed explained, “the other of my kind would counter act.”

The captain Yelled in French to his men, They went away and came back several minuets latter. With them was a bound woman. The captain held his sword to her face. “Destroy the ship monster.” The captain demanded.

“I can not.” Galeed said, his large eyes watching the women.

The captain cut his sword into her flesh just enough to allow her blood to run down her throat.

She made no sound, instead she watched Galeed.

Jinks understood, the captain controlled Galeed threw the love of a mortal. And this had happened many times from the marks Jinks could see on her.

There was pain In Galeed’s voice as he said, “I do not have the ability to do what you ask.”

The captain said something in French said in English, “I will only accept one answer form you.” He looked at his men, “again deeper this time”


Kelly said...

This is a cool story. I really like it.

glo said...

thank you kelly


Please please please don't lose faith i will be starting this up again.