Friday, October 05, 2007


Everyone was surprised and looked at Jinks.

“And what might that be?” The captain asked.

“Well it will be dark soon and it’s a new moon. If you put out your lights and set up a make shift ship that will hold up lights where you lights are at in the Stern of the ship then they may follow that instead of the ship.”

The crew which had rejoiced over the hope that Lucky was coming with the Calvary was now Going to be chasing an illution of the ship.

The captain slowly nodded, “Yes…that might just work.” He turned to Galeed, “It seems Bathyam has found someone who cares for her more.”

“You will stop you sailors then?” Jinks asked.

“For now.” The captain said over his shoulder as he headed up the stairs.

When they heard the door slam shut William looked at Jinks in confusion, “What did you do?”

Jinks ignored the question and focused on Galeed, “She is your daughter, isn’t she?”

Galeed nodded.

“And she is cursed?”

“Yes.” Galeed said solemnly, “Why?”
“Because this way my sister is safe, and so is your daughter.” Jinks answered.

“And we are stuck on the God forsaken for who knows how long.” Said Ishmael.

“I wouldn’t worry too much,” Jinks smiled mischievously, “Lucy’s compass will not be fooled by a simple illusion.”

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