Thursday, September 13, 2007


The prisoners of the Lorain had fair the best they could. To their ‘new’ captain and the Lorain crew they were shanghaied sailors to be harassed and abused. It was only because the prisoners trusted their original captain that there had not been a failed mutiny yet. They did the work that was left behind by sailors that had been claimed by the sea and scurvy out break the Lorain been afflicted with. When not working they were locked in the brig.

What little talk there was of mutiny was kept in quiet tones. They had no access to weapons and all believed that at least for now Jinx’s strange sister was their only hope.

They waited fore her like the Jews wait for their messiah. But over the weeks of waiting even that hope began to wane. The former Captain Johnny was beginning to plan but he was not one to expose his plan to anyone till it was time.

Jinx was in back in the brig for the night with the strange little monkey arrived. He scampered over to Galeed.

“It’s back said one man and all moved to the bars of their cells to look.

Erwin bounced at Galeed’s feet making loud Chirping noises.

“What does it mean?” asked another.

“I think it means Lady Luck has decided to smile on you.” Galeed answered.

Jinks smiled, “My sisters coming.”

“But with what army?” asked Ishmael.

Suddenly the Lorain’s captain marched in to the brig. He went straight to Galeed’s cell, “the enterprise is following us, Destroy it.”

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