Thursday, September 06, 2007


Lucy and Archer did not need to be told twice. they both hurried out on the deck. Erwin screeched as he galloped behind them.

Archer held up his eye glass so he could see a smile widened on his lips, “It’s her.”

“My turn.” Lucky said. Archer handed her the glass. She looked though it, “See I told you the compass would no fail.”

“Alright,” Archer said, “the compass worked.” The Captain looked out at his crew, “Mister Logan, How long before she’s in range?”

“We have the weather Gage on our side Day break tomorrow she’ll be ours.”

Archer smiled, “Patients brings victory.”

“No way they can escape us now.” Login said confidently.

Erwin who had been perched on Lucky’s shoulder Hooted then Jumped on the rail and into the sea.

“Where’s he off to?” Archer asked

Lucky shrugged, “Off to see a friend.”

“On that ship?”

Lucky nodded, “Why Not?”

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