Tuesday, August 28, 2007


For a moment Lucky froze not sure what to do then a flash of red and green flew by attacking the head. She watched momentarily as Triston fought the head.

She then went back to carving the jewel out of the beast. The black blood mixed with the water she coughed as the blood flowed threw her gills. Triston swam by attacking another head that came towards her.

She was almost done. She tried to pull the gem but found it had tendons or blood vessels of some kind firmly attacked to it. She shoved her blade into the wound a third head came toward her and she dodged.

She coughed again and covered her mouth, more of the black blood mixed with the water she breathed. She blinked and cut the thick tendon. The monsters necks stopped writhing and the monster sank. Lucky felt light headed and had a hard time swimming to avoid the beast’s carcass.

She barley felt Triston take her hand in his. She sight was dark she breathed deep when they broke the surface. “Hang on Lucky.” Triston said.

She coughed and the black blood dripped out of her mouth. Triston swam them over to the battered ship, “Almost there.” Triston continued, “Lucky?” he looked back at her and she was unconscious.

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