Thursday, August 23, 2007


Under the surface Triston led lucky out of the way to where they could spot the immortal stone that gave the hydra its power. It wasn’t hard to spot it. Triston pointed it out and lucky nodded. As long as the captain and his crew kept the monster busy it shouldn’t be two difficult.

Triston handed her a knife began to transform into a fiery red and emerald green sea serpent.

Lucky hung on to Triston who swam her close to where the immortal stone was hidden amongst the many heads. It did not take lucky to realize that she was having trouble Breathing. The corset was restricted her gills movement.

Triston protected her as they swam into the seething knot of snake like necks. The heads were concentrating so much on the ship they did not notice the two strangers entering their nest.

Triston wormed his way into the center. Lucky let go as she came close to the stone that was embedded into the very center where the heads came together. She secured herself against the many necks and began to cut the flesh around the large gem. The first cuts did not gain any attention but as she cut deeper she could feel the necks move. One day she looked up she saw one of the dragon like heads looking at her.

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