Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The men outside her door ignored her. She slammed her back against the door, “It’s important.” She sighed frustrated. “fine.” She went to the window and looked out. Erwine chipped and climbed up the hull using his small fingers to find hand holds that Lucky could never hope to use.

She looked around the room, but found nothing that could help her. The ship rocked again.

Lucky heard someone shirk. Not long now. Lucky thought. The beast also known as the water Hydra would allow many sightings of its heads before it would begin to attack the ship.
Lucky heard another sighting and then the captain called all hands on deck. “Stupid ignorant fool.” Lucky muttered. Next she heard something at the door. She tried the door handle and it turned outside stood a very proud sea monkey with the keys in his hands.

Lucky smiled at Erwine, “not bad.”

Erwine made little noise that Lucky knew expressed his pride in his accomplishment.

“Come on lets see if we can’t save the ship.”

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