Thursday, August 09, 2007


Near the helm stood Captain Archer. Lucky hurried to him. “You want to explain your presents on deck?” he asked her

“It’s the water hydra.” Lucky said.

Archer looked at her strangely, “A what?”

“In the water,” She tried to explain, “it will eat your man and destroy your ship.”

Archer shook his head, “That’s just some strange shark looking for dead or dying in our wake.”

“No captain.” Lucky said, “If you value your men’s lives you will order them all below.”

“Lucky I see no harm, the creature may be strange but I don’t see how it could harm my men.” Archer said, “We are several feet from the sea’s level, no animal cane jump that high.”

“That strange creature is the second most feared creature of the deep, the first of course being the kraken.”

The captain looked of to his crew. They seemed to feel no danger from the shark like creature. “What harm could it do?”

“I’m wronging you captain.” The intensity in Lucky’s voice startled Archer. “you call your men below or I will.”

As the captain thought over what lucky said there was a scream from the crowd on the port side of the ship. Archer looked over and yelled to his first mate, “What was that?”

Logon, the first mate, answered, “it appears the creature came up and took Williams.”

Lucky looked at the captain with her eyes narrowed, “Do you believe me now or shell we wait for the other heads to begin to feed?”

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