Thursday, August 02, 2007


“What’s this?” Lucky asked as she sat.

“Nothing much.” He answered.

Lucky undid the twine and unfolded the paper. In side was a dress.

“It was in the dress shop window and I thought it looked like it might fit you. And I thought since your own dress is not in the best condition you may need it.”

Lucky unfolded the dress. There was nothing fancy about it. No ribbon or lace, no embroidery on the bodice. The color was a reddish violet, “thank you.” Lucky said.

The captain nodded and left the room.

Lucky held the dress next to her body, he had guessed her size right, it would need a little modifying but she could handle that.

“It’s the wrong color.”

Lucky quickly turned, there stood Tristan, “how did you get in?”

“I see you manors have not improved,” he said in a joking tone and smiled one of his dazzling smiles, “No how are you? Or how have you been?”

Lucky tried to stair him down, but gave in, “How have you been?”

“Jolly good actually,” Tristan answered, “as for your first question, nothing can bar a child of the sea.”

“Especially the son of Blodughadda?”

Tristan nodded, he stepped forward and touched the dress, “It is completely wrong for you.”

Lucky huffed and pulled the dress away form his touch. She went to the mirror and held the dress against her again, “it was a sweet gesture.”

Tristan rolled his eyes, “sweet is not good enough for you.” He went back to the window, “if you want to change you should change soon.”


“Oh you’ll see.” He leaned back out the window.

Lucky shook her head and went to put on the new dress. She was getting the strings of the bodice tied when the ship rocked. “What was that?” she thought allowed. The ship rocked again. Lucky hurried to the window. There it was, the black ship with the torn black sails. She ran back to the door and began banging on it. “I have to talk to the captain!” she yelled.

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