Thursday, July 19, 2007


Captain Archer was not sure what Lucky was talking about, “Is that where Noah build’s an ark?”

Lucky smiled, “Very close captain. The earth had become full of violence. So god Destroyed it.” She looked down, “some thing else is thou,” she opened the bible and flipped the pages, “the son’s of god saw the daughters f men were beautiful and they took them as their wives. Their children were the Nephilum, the giants and heroes of old.”

“What are you saying?”

Lucky closed the book, “my mother lived in England on the coast. One day wail she was out collecting oysters a man from the sea attacked her. He was a descendent of Leota, a Nephilum, I am a Nephilum.”

“I’m a little old to believe in fairy-tales lucky.” The captain said.

“Aye,” Lucky nodded, “My grandfather said the same, or at least till my brother and I were born.”

Lucky paused before answering, “You said yourself it would be supernatural to do what I did.” She lifted the sides of her shirt to expose her gills, “My grandfather changed his mind when he was shown that my brother and I both had gills.”

Archer, who had been leaning back in his chair sat up and stared at the slits in her sides. He did not say anything.

After a few moments of awkward silence Lucky spoke, “the mid wife said that we should be drowned, that we were daemons.”

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