Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The men rushed to the side to bring him back. The ship banked and the broken mask acted like an anchor behind them, pulling the ship down. Lucky ran to where the men were assembled.

“Cut it loss!” ordered the captain.

Lucky and the men could see the mate clinging to the mast. She knew the captain was right; they would all die if the broken mast was not cut from them.

“Cut it lose that is an order.” Captain archer yelled above the storm again and handed a man a hatched.

The mate just looked at his captain.

“Are you deaf man we are all going to die?”

Lucky thought quickly she had swum in water rougher then this, once. “Do it.” She said coming up near the captain, “He’ll be fine.”

“How’d you get out?” Archer asked.

“No time to explain.” She dove over the edge. Under the water it took only a moment for her to get her bearings. She headed for the wreckage and the man.

He screamed when he saw her come up out of the water. “It’s alright,” she said, “I am going to help you. You just have to trust me.” They got untangled from the mast and Lucky tied the man to her with one of the lines. “Let me know when you need to breath. They went under.

Swimming against the currents was hard but she knew she could do it. After a wail the man gripped her hard and tried to swim to the surface. She turned and grabbed him. She put her mouth on his and blew into his. Then they swam on. They continued like this for some time till the storm ended and they got to the ship. Lucky surfaced.

“Man over board.” The crew pulled them up. She breathed deep and panted a wail; the transition from breathing so long using her gills to using her lungs was a difficult one to make. The man tried to stand he wobbled and almost fell, “careful now water air takes sometime to get used to.” She said.


Lucky looked up to see the captain, “Told you I was.” She smiled and stood up.

The captain said nothing as he and the crew listened to the mate as he told them about his adventure. When the mate was done Archer looked at Lucky and said, “My stateroom, now.”

“Aye Aye captain.” She shook her head to get most of the water out of her dreaded hair. As she walked up to the state room she wrung out her sleeves.

Once inside the captain shut the door behind her. He looked at her a moment then asked “What are you?”

“I told you,” she said looking around the room, “Lucky.”

“I can see that.” He sat down and put his feet up on the table, “Yet you have the ability to swim into a storm and back to a ship, breathing for yourself and a man underwater.”

“Luck,” she commented, “all luck.” She was looking at the books on his shelf.

“That is more then luck, that’s supernatural.”

Lucky took down a book, “you a God fearing man, Captain Archer?”

“I think so.” He answered.

“My grandfather was,” she said turning the book over in her hands, she could feel the power in it that most never felt. “He taught me that everything has a purpose and happens for a reason.” She looked at the captain, “That God works everything together for Good. Do you believe that captain?”

The captain shrugged, “I like to think that there is some purpose for the things that happen.”

Lucky was looking over the cover of the book she held, “My Grandfather believed it, that was why he didn’t through my mother out when she got pregnant form being rapped.” She paused, “that’s why he didn’t drowned my brother and I when we were born.” She looked at Captain Archer, “You ever read Geneses 6?”

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