Thursday, July 26, 2007


“But he didn’t.” the captain said getting over his shock.

“No,” Luck let her shirt fall, “In fact he lost his rectory over it.”


Lucky nodded, “It’s why we moved to the Caribbean, strange things are more accepted and even expected here.”

Captain archer leaned back in his chair again. “And was that why your last captain left you behind?”

“He wasn’t my captain,” lucky said, “but yes he thought I was a sea witch.”

“And are you?
“No.” Lucky said emphatically, “Witches are humans who seek after power that was not meant to be theirs, I am cursed.”

“How is this a curse?” Archer asked, “It seems a blessing.”
Lucky shrugged and exposed the tattoo on her wrist. “As long as I bare this mark I am cursed to roam the earth till Armageddon, never finding rest or peace.” She put the bible back on the shelf, “shell I return to the brig?”

Captain Archer thought a moment, “How did you get out in the first place?”

Lucky had her hand on her back to the captain and she touched her lips. Had it been the right thing to do? Should she have stayed? No of course not she rationalized, A man would have been killed if she had.

“You won’t believe me.” She answered.

The captain shrugged, “probably not.” He stood, “there is a guest state room, and there really is not point in being in the brig if you can leave when ever you choose. I will require of course that you stay there and I will have it guarded seeing that you are a pirate.”

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