Saturday, July 07, 2007


Lucky laid on her back looking at the ceiling. She was damp and chilled, if she had something to occupy her mind with. Instead she counted the bars surrounding her, till she had counted them at least 10 times. She sighed, “I am bored.” She had not thought of a way to get out, she had tried to pick the lock only to have dropped her pick and it was picked up by the cabin boy when he brought her some food.

Erwine had found something to play with and he amused himself all morning. Suddenly he shirked. He Jumped onto the bars and climbed up as high as he could.

“What’s wrong?” she asked disinterested and not moving.

“Maybe he doesn’t like me.”

Lucky sat up quickly. She hadn’t heard anyone come down. The young man looked a little older then she was, and had red hair. Lucky stared at him, he was beyond handsome, and possibly the most handsome person she had ever seen. Then she saw his eyes which were emerald green and dragon like. The pupil was oval shaped exposing that he was a Nephelum. “What do you want?” She said sharply,

“Now, that is a bit rude for a first meeting .” He said smiling, “usually when you meet someone new you ask their name.”

She rolled her eyes, “what is your name?”

“Tristan of BlĂ´dughadda.” He answered.

“Awe, she of the bloody hair, the murderous sea witch.” Lucky said, “I guess that is why your hair is red?”

Tristan ignored her, “and you are?”

“Lucky of Leota.”

“As can be seen perfectly in beauty of your face.”

“Hump.” She shook her head, “flattery wont work, expressly that kind of flattery.”

“But Lady Leota is the loveliest of all the sea queens.”

Lucky looked at him sidewise, “My mother was prettier.”

“Oh watch your tongue,” Tristan scolded mockingly, “to compare the lady Leota to a mere mortal is blasphemous.”

“Then may that father below strike me dead.” She smirked.

“You are a feisty one aren’t you?” Tristan had not stopped smiling and he leaned against the bars, I like that.”

“What do you want.” She repeated standing and ignoring his statement.

“I want to help you.”

“Sure you do.”

Tristan smiled again showing off his perfect white teeth, “Someone like you does not belong in a cage.” He touched the lock. It vibrated and came unlocked. The door swung open and he came inside the cell. “Isn’t this what you want?”

“I don’t want your help.” She back away from him.

He stepped closer to her, and she stepped back again till she was against the hull of the ship. He came in very close, “But I want to help,” he smiled again and stole a kiss, “It will be there if you want it.” He stepped back threw the door and it swung back into place. The lock clicked back. “Good bye princess.” He left.

Lucky touched her lips, she’d never been kissed before. And his kiss left a strange tingally feeling on her lips. She walked quickly to the door and looked in the direction he had gone. She fought the temptation to shake the door to see if it would come back unlocked. She looked at the ground, “Tristan…why do I know that name?” She looked at Erwin, “what do you think.”

Erwin make shrieking noises a few more times.

“Sea serpent?” she said with an eyebrow raised, “Tristan?” she shook her head, “I thought that story about BlĂ´dughadda mating with a snake was a legion.”

The boat rocked suddenly, and she heard the thunder crack. Lucky swore, “Storm, ruff one by the feel of it.”

It wasn’t long before water poured down and the ship rocked violently. On deck the crew moved striving to keep their ship afloat.

“Alright,” lucky said grabbing the door, “I’m tired of getting thrown around” she shook it and it easily opened. She ran up on deck. She was just in time to see the main mast get struck by lightning and brake. It crashed into the sea, a man shrieked as he fell with it.

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