Wednesday, June 27, 2007


It took the seven gods only a few hours to assemble. They stood around the table each with their own unique attributes. They were the original seven Nephilum of the sea. They had been given dominion over the sea by their Father Below. They stood waiting for Ægir. After he sat they said waiting for him to explain why he had called them. Ægir raised his glass, “to our father Below.”

“Our Father Below.” The crowd echoed and drank.

When the drinks were empty Ægir spoke, “there has been a complication with two who were reclaimed for Our Father Below.”

“The twins?” asked Ōdins form the fridge Northern sea. His skin appeared frozen blue and crystallized. His hair, beard and eyebrows looked like snow.

Ægir nodded.

“The plan isn’t nor will it work, as I have always said.” said Rân. Her skin was dark and around her bloodshot eyes were several small tattoos she was ranked seconded after her brother Ægir, “The boy has come in contact with a Fallen, He knows the curse can be broken.”

“There is a chance for the girl.” Reassured Ægir.

Rân shook her head, “Where the boy goes the girl follows, I have watched them closely.”

“She is still female,” said Innis, he was from the Indian Ocean. Two of his teeth came out of his mouth like the tusks of an elephant that went along the sides of long noise. His skin was gray and wrinkled. When he talked his words were slurred and he drooled as he spoke. “And mortal females are week.”

“Only if they don’t know power they have.” Siren, the ruler of Mediterranean Sea, said. Her skin and hair were angelic white and she had a set of wings came out of her back. “And the daughters of Leota have never struggled with that.”

“Lucky is not true daughter of Leota, besides she is more human then most of them.” Ægir said, “She can still be used to reclaim them both.”

Rân leaned back in her chair, “They were the wrong ones to choose, they are stronger because they are two. The bond of family is strong for mortals.”

“There is a stronger bond” Blôdughadda spoke up. Much of her flesh had rotted off. The right side of her jaw was exposed and sometimes you could see her tongue moving around in her mouth. There was a large patch that started on her forehead and went over her hair line where her skull could be seen. One had was nothing but bone and a section of her side was little more then ribs holding her organs. The other six gods of the sea looked at her, “Lover, that which these mortals treasure most, that which is little more then a trick played on them so their raise will reproduce and thus follow the commandment that they were given by the Enemy in the beginning, to multiply and subdue the earth.”

“Love whatever we may think it,” said Rân, “is very important to them, and takes time to create.”

“Awe but Lucky is young,” Blôdughadda said, “and young female mortals are easily fooled but a pretty face.”

“And what did you have in mind?” asked Ægir.

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