Thursday, June 21, 2007


“Who are you?” Lucky asked the strange looking monkey.

The monkey made some chirping noises.

“Erwine, huh?” Lucky smirked, “Where’d you come from?”

There were more monkey noises and the monkey tilted his head one way and then the other, “You saw my brother?”

The monkey nodded.

Lucky smiled, the ship had not discovered that he too was cursed. She pointed to the nail where the keys hung; “you think you could get those keys?” Erwine chirped and went between the bars. He jumped up onto the chair and took the keys off their hook. He ran back to Lucky’s cell and gave them to her.

Lucky tried each key in the lock to find out which one would open it. It seemed that none of them would work.

“Come on.” She said frustrated as she tried the keys for a third, or fourth time she couldn’t remember.

“Looking for this?”

Lucky looked up, there stood the captain in his hand he held a key ring with only one key hanging on it.

“Not at all captain,” Lucky said, “I was just board so I thought I’d make some music.” She banged the keys against the bars of her cell and started to sing out of tune, “Whatcha gunna do with a drunken sailor? Whatcha gunna do with a drunken sailor?”

Captain Archer rubbed his neck, “and here I thought I’d let you out.”

Lucky stopped singing, “Really.”

“You may be a pirate but you are helping me and a lady.”

Lucky crossed her arms, “I told you, I am not a pirate.”

“Yet you fraternize with them.”

“I don’t remember that being a crime.”

Captain archer smiled, “I think I will just keep this with me.” He walked out, “have a nice night.”

Lucky stuck out her tongue then started to bang on the bars again, “Stick ‘im in the row boat till he’s sober, stick ‘im in the row boat till he’s sober.” She sang terribly off key.

Hours latter the cabin boy came in and brought her something to eat and then left. Lucky sat on the floor and leaned against the side of the ship. Erwine climbed up on her knees. “my idea did not work out so well did it.”

Erwine shook his head and chirped.

She shifted a little, “well, we’ll try again tomarrow,” she sighed and fell asleep.

In the deepest darkest part of the ocean Ægir, the great sea king, walked. “Galdr!” he called at the mouth of a huge cave.

A strange creature came out. He moved slowly in the dark. His body was compact like that of a coil wrapped as tight as possible. His arms were two big for his body and his legs were two small. His eyes were large and saw the heat of the animals around him. His moth was filled with sharp teeth and his skin was like that of a starfish. What do you want? Galbr spoke without moving his lips.

“There is to be a gathering.” Ægir answered, “Call the seven.”

Galbr nodded and used his large arms to swim through the water to a smooth and rounded stone. He took out a large mallet and struck the stone.
The stone resonated and sent out a ripple as the sound traveled through ocean’s of the world. The sound called out to those who knew to listen.

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