Thursday, June 14, 2007


Captain archer was a mountain of a man. He had the look of someone who had lived most of his life at sea, but he also appeared to be a sensible, practical man. “If you don’t mind miss I would like to ask you some questions.” Lucky nodded. “How is it you cam to be alone tired to the mast of a sinking ship?”

“My ship was attacked, the crew was taken captive and I was left behind.” She didn’t plan on giving out any information that he did not ask for.

“And why is that?” the captain sat down.

Lucky shrugged, “You know how most sailors are, very superstitions and the like.”

“And yet they call you lucky?”

“Well most who give me a chance find that good luck follows me on the sea.”

“What was your ship called?”

“My ship was the Rodger, but it was destroyed in a storm some time ago. The ship I was on was the Rising Sun.”

Captain archer tilted his head, “Isn’t that a pirate ship?”

“It’s possible,” It wasn’t quite a lie. “But I’m not a pirate; they were just giving me and my brother a lift.”

“I see.” Captain Archer said it in a way that let lucky know that he did not believe her. “Who attacked you?”

“A French navel ship.” Lucky answered, “The Lorian.”

The captain looked surprised, “the Lorian? Did you see where it was headed?”

“No.” Lucky said, “But I know where it is headed?” she smiled knowing that she now had some leverage.

“Tell me.” Said the captain, “and I’ll forget that you are a pirate.”

“Like I said, I am not a pirate.” Lucky said, “And I’ll tell you, if you agree to take me with you.”

“And like you said, a women on aboard is very unlucky, my crew is superstitious. Besides I could have you executed.”

“Except I am not a pirate,” Lucky said, “and if you execute me then I take my information with me.”

The captain stood and nodded, “very well, where is it headed?”

Lucky took out her compass that hung on a leather strand around her neck, “she opened it and watched the needle, “South by south west.”

Captain Archer nodded and opened the door. He called a young man in, “Please escort our guest down to the bridge.”
Lucky didn’t protest, she had anticipated this and was already thinking of a way to escape.

Later that night a cabin boy came down, “captain thought you might be hungry,” he opened the door just enough to get the bowel inside then shut it.

Lucky picked up the bowl, the contents were still warm, and she ate hungrily, hardly tasting the food. There wasn’t much to taste anyway. The young man didn’t leave; he just stood there staring at her. “What?” she finely said.

“You don’t look like a pirate.” He said shyly.

“That’s ‘cause I’m not.” She answered, “I’m a treasure hunter, “when she was done she tilted the bowl and slid it through the bars. The young man left. Knowing there was little else to do she tried to get some sleep. She woke the next morning when she felt two little hands on her face. She opened her eyes and jumped slightly at the sea monkey she saw.

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