Thursday, May 24, 2007


“My story begins with the second great defeat.”

“Great Defeat?” Jonny interrupted.

“Noah’s flood.” Jinx explained.

“What was the first?” William asked.

“The Eden Curse.” Jinx answered.

“I was given the task to sink the ark killing all that were aboard.” Galeed paused, “I failed. When the flood reseeded I was banished to a small sea in the fetal crescent.”

Galeed rested his hands on the cross bars of his cell.” It was believed that there the most High would make his move.”

“And he did. It started with a man called Abraham, and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra. There the father below had regained the control he had had before the great flood.”

Galeed shook his head, “despite every thing the Most high God did for the descendents of Abraham the father below had no trouble finding ways to keep the Holy ones from being what they had been called to do by the Most high.

“As for my part I had very little to do with any of it. I think the father below forgot I even existed till HE came.” Galeed said this last part in a hushed tone filled with awe.

The brig was silent for a wail, then Ishmael asked, “Who?”

“The lamb that was slane.” Galeed was quiet then drew close to the bars. In a hushed mystic tone that was filled with reverence, “Jesus the messiah.”
Jinx felt the power of the name, he always had. Not from fear or discuss but rather just the power that was in the name. He knew that most humans were shielded form the power that surrounded the name above all names, mostly by the will of the father below if they knew the reality of the power then there would be no hope in him winning the war that was already lost.

Galeed leaned back and continued his tale, “I knew he had come, all nephilum ever where felt his presents in this mortal world. For the first time the father below sent me an assignment, find away to destroy him before he could succeed in the plan of the most high.

“So I tried. The first time was when he and his friends were in a pathetic fishing boat. I caused a violent storm to come to the sea. He slept through it, His friends were of course petrified, but he told the waters and wind that I commanded to be still and they were.”

“I knew then the power of him, and that he was truly not just a prophet as the father below had said. He was the most high in human flesh. And I was afraid. My fear grew when he commanded the fish from my sea in to fishing nets, and more when a herd of demonic pigs hurled themselves into my waters.

“But nothing prepared me for what happened next. I meet him.”

Galeed’s eyes had a distant look as if he was wanting to relive the moment. “It was another storm; His friends were alone in their little boat.”

He looked at Jinx and said, “It wouldn’t make it this time I was determined of that this time.” Galeed passed thinking, “But then I heard his foot steps on the surface of the water, I don’t Know why but I decided I had to see him. So in the storm I went to the surface and met him.
“He was not what I expected.” Galeed looked at the ceiling searching for the words, “I don’t know what I expected. But it wasn’t him. I don’t know why but I asked him why he had come and he answered ‘forgiveness, and restitution, to provide a way back for the lost of my father’s creation…even you.’”

“Then he walked on to his frightened friends, one called out to him and in violation of all reason he crawled out of the boat and started to walk out to him.
“But I was there and pulled this one of his disciples under. He saved his friend, it was then that I understood, suddenly everything made perfect sense and I ended the storm.”

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