Thursday, May 31, 2007


“I started to get any information I could on him. There were plenty of cursed that followed him around to get information from, and the plan the father below had.” Galeed continued. The informers told me when and where it was going to happen, that one of his followers had agreed to turn him in.

“So I went on land and joined the crowd. I had learned how to hide my in human form so I walked among them unnoticed. I was there in the crowd when they hailed him as a king, and again when they called for his death.
“I could not believe what was happening. Threw it all the beatings, the torture, and the sentencing; when he was marched down the street with the cross, when he stumbled, and when they nailed him, even as he hung up for all to see I expected the most high to come in and stop it.”

Galeed had tears in his eye, “But the Most high didn’t. And He died. I could not believe it, we had won. I visited his grave wail his followers celebrated the Passover. He was there, and he was dead. I went back to the sea and brooded in my underwater cave alone unmoved by anything, even the earthquake.

Galeed paused a moment and everyone was silent, wondering if that was the end of the story.

“Then something happened, the fish in the lake were swimming to a net. I looked to see what was going on. There on the shore with his friends He stood alive. I waited for night to fall and his friends to go to sleep. When I went to shore I came to me and because of the power I knew was in him I knelt, I asked him if there was a place in his world for the cursed from birth as I was.
He told me that all children of men were cursed, I would be held responsible for my actions not that of my parents. If I wished it He would free me form my sin. He could not rid me of the effects of the curse but he would free me from the control all I had to do was accept it.”

“Did you?” asked William.

Galeed smiled and nodded, “I will still walk this earth till the end but when the end comes I will stand as part of the army of heaven.”

All were silent again; the only sound was the shifting of boat with the great waves.

Jinx broke the silences, ‘So the Curse can be broken?”

Galeed nodded.

“What is this curse you keep talking about?” Jonny asked.

“The curse of the nephilum, the offspring from the union of the Daemons and the daughters of eve.” Galeed explained. “Up to the second generation removed from their demonic fathers are cursed to never die roaming the earth till the end, the third generation removed will die but find neither peace nor rest in death, they are neither dead nor alive as the complete slave to their father below.”

“Who is this father below?” Ishmael asked.

“The ruler of the abyss, he has had many names but you may know him best as the devil, or Satan.”

“So you have supernatural power?” asked a crew mate, “both of you?”

Galeed and Jinx nodded.

“How about you get us out of here?”

“I can’t do that.”’ Galeed said, “what I would do could harm innocents, and I have become the slave of the captain of this ship, and I doubt Jinx has that kind of power.

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