Thursday, May 17, 2007


The flames spread quickly and clouded Lucy’s vision as the Lorain sailed away. Lucky tried to keep her head. The flames grew and came close she struggled against her bounds to. Her fear spread through her and she began to have problems breathing. The smoke was think and she coughed as she attempted to breath. She knew very soon the fire would reach the lower deck where the gun powder was stored. When that happened it would all be over.

Tears fell down her cheeks as she continued to struggle. The heat surrounded her causing sweat to collect on her brow and hands. The flames lapped at her boots and she could feel them getting close to her fingers. She knew she was going to pass out form the lake of air and heat. Everything was blurring and there were black spots in her vision. Lucky could feel her gills moving like a fish’s when out of water. This would be it. Everything was for nothing.

She was sure she was beginning to Hallucinate as she felt the ship below her rock and then water rising over it. Droplets of water rained down and then a wave that crashed over the ship and put out the fire.

Lucky breathed deep and then passed out.

The man who had been staying in the back of his cell came up to the bars were all could see him, and pulled back his hood. He was hardly a man. His eyes were large and black. His skin appeared to be a greenish brown color. Out of his head flowed tentacles that looked slightly like dread locks. They hung over his shoulders. He held out his hands and they all saw that on either hand he had six fingers. “As was I.”

The crew backed away frightened of what they saw, a daemon of the sea. Jinks exposed is wrist were the mark of the curse was.

“Don’t worry about your sister, the sea takes care of its own.”

Jinx smirked understandingly, “who are you?”

“Gilead, thou I was not always called this,” the creature said, “once I was called Satalla, son of Leotia, and the daemon Aritas.”

“Jinx.” Jinx introduced himself, “of Leotia and Dark Jin.”

“We are brothers then.” Gilead said.

Jinx nodded. “I thought I knew all the pure bloods.”

My name was forgotten long ago.” Gilead then said something in a language none in the cells understood.

Jinx held his wrist the cruse mark burned. Her grimiest against the pain that shot through his arm.

“What did he say?” asked Jonny

Jinx found himself unable to answer so he just shook his head.

“It means ‘I have joined the house of Joshua.’” Gilead answered, Jinks grimiest again against the pain.

“What is that supposed to mean?” asked William.

“Joshua was a leader of the people of the Most High God. And he said to the people ‘as for me and my house we will served the lord.’” Gilead explained.

“You broke the curse.” Jinx said.

Gilead nodded.


“It is a long story.” He warned.

Jonny shrugged, “gotta pass the time somehow.” He was now sure what was going on.

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