Thursday, May 10, 2007


Jonny’s crew was stunned. Sure Jinks and his sister were strange but a sea witch? Was that even possible? Several of the French sailors crossed themselves and Ishmael made the sign to ward off evil. The captain spoke French to the crew man who held lucky.

“William!” Jinx called, "what are they saying?”

William listened carefully then yelled, “They’re trying to decide what to do with her”

Lucky was nervous and unsure what was going on. The captain leaned over her, “I vonder, Does a sea vitch burn like those on the land?”

Lucky tried to mask her emotion “No, the sea comes to our aid.”

The captain laughed, “Really, vell dat shell be interesting to votch.” he stood and addressed his crew in French, the French sailors cheered.
“What?” Jinks asked William, “What did he say?”
William looked shocked, “Their going to see if she will burn.”
”What?” Jinks yelled
Lucky tried unsuccessfully as the French sailors tied her to the broken mast and began to spread around gunpowder. The French sailors hurried and cleared the ship dragging the crew of the Rising Sun away.
Jinx fought the two men that pulled him to the other ship, “Leave her alone!” he yelled

“Oh?” asked the captain, “Does the sea vitch have a lover?” he smirked and shoved Jinx on to his ship ignoring the obvious resemblance between the two twins. A bottle was smashed over his head as the French sailors took him off the ship with the rest of the crew.

The captain shot the trail of gunpowder, and the flame spread quickly. Lucky was afraid. She Pulled against the bounds. This couldn’t happen not when they were so close. She started to cough on the smoke. The heat and her inability to breath added to her fear.
As the Lorien left the burning vessel the prisoners were locked in the brig. Jinks stood in the back leaning against the ship waiting for the blast. It had to be coming. “We should have taken our chances.” Said one crew man.

“Then we’d be dead. Said Ishmael.
“Better a dead freeman then a live slave.” Said Spot, he got his nickname form the red birthmark over the right side of his face.

“As long as you are alive there is always a chance that you will find a chance to free yourselves once again.” said a strange voice from a cell the crew of the rising sun had not seen anyone put into. The person stayed back hiding in the shadows.

“And who are you stranger?” asked Jonny.

“I too am a slave hoping for a chance of freedom.”

“There should have been a blast by now.” said Jinx turning his attention back to his sister.

“Let her go Jinx, there is not chance even if it doesn’t blow.” Said Jonny.

“You knew the ‘sea witch’?” asked the stranger.

“She’s my sister.”

Their was a pause, “what a strange place to find another.” Everything was quiet, “what would you answer if I was to ask, ‘who was born by the sons of God and the daughters of men?”

Jinks walked up to the bars of his cell, “I was.”

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