Monday, May 07, 2007


The French sailor shouted at them. Jinx looked at his sister. She shrugged, neither of them understood French.

The sailor yelled again and kicked Jinx.

“Speak English!” Jinx yelled back.

“He said get up.” William said he was a little ways off with the bayonet pointed at his throat he had dropped his weapon.

Jinx stood and helped his sister up. The whole crew was cornered. There had been no time for resistance. The Loriane was Larger and the crew was bigger then the rising son.

Jonny said nothing and gave no sign to the crew. He was calculating the odds. Finding the chance, but he saw none.

Lucky notices a man, obviously the captain, walking among the crew. He stopped and spoke in a heavy French accent. “Lay down you veapons and surrender, or you are all dead vere you stand.”

The crew looked at their captain. Jonny looked defiant but finally dropped his sword then took out his guns and dropped them. The crew followed his example.

“You’re a smart man.” The French captain said, “Now I know this is a pirate ship so you have a choice to make. Ve have had some trouble with out crew. You see they vere veek and now they are gone. You came and verk the ship or ve simply hang you all for pirating.”

“We are no slaves!” yelled a mate called Bobby.

The French captain smiled, “Then you are dead.” On of the sailors guarding bobby shot him.

“How smart are you pirate?” the French captain asked Jonny.

Jonny stood there a knife at his back and a gun pointed at his head. He did not want to say what he had to. His crew would follow him to hell and back, it seemed to hell they would go.

“Do as he said.” their captain said.

All stood in shock, “captain?” Ishmael said hesitantly.

“You heard me.”

Most of the crew followed his order for them he had won their loyalty and trust many times over.

“No!” cried on sailor, “I’ll not serve a French bustard about eight others tried to resist, they were all dead in minuets.

“You trust him?” Lucky asked her brother. Jinx nodded, “then I do to.”

The French sailors bound Jonnie’s crew and started to lead them on to the Loraine. Suddenly the sailor who was binding Lucky’s hands Shrieked and began babbling in French.

Lucky looked back, “What’s wrong?”

The French captain came over at the beckoning of the crew man. He to was surprised.

Jinx struggled as a sailor tried to take him onto the other ship. He watched as the exited French man talked in a language that was nonsense to his ear.

Lucky was confused but sure they had seen the mark of the cruse on her writs. Suddenly they walked over to the rail and Bent her over it. Lucky tried to fight but they held her down. they ripped off her corset and pulled up hir shirt to expose her back. Gasps came from those who saw the set of 3 gills on ether side of her back.

“Sea vitch!” the French captain said.

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