Thursday, April 19, 2007


Jonny headed up to the bridge, “Lose the sails!” he bellowed.

“We running?” Ishmael questioned.

Jinx nodded, “It’s the French navel ship Lorian.”

“I hear she attacks ships in hopes of replacing crew members.” Said Luck taking her time through the glass, “let’s hope she’s slower then us.”

The crew loosed the sails and the wind carried them. Jinx leaned out taking the glass from Lucky. “We losing um?”

The minuets crept by as the crew attempted to coax a little more speed from the sails.

Jonny took down his glass, “we did it gents!” there was a cheer form the crew as they all looked back to see the Lorian had fallen behind. Then the ship hit something under the water and came to a halt.

“What the?” Ishmael started.

“We’ve run a ground!” Jonny yelled, “Ready the cannons, they’ll not get us without a fight.” The crew scurried to follow the orders and load the canons several crew members got out their guns.

“It’s no good captain,” said Ishmael looking back at the Lorian, “she’ll run us threw without presenting a target."

Jinx tapped his sister on the shoulder, “You thinking what I am thinking?”

She turned, “Of course I am, I just don’t know if it will work?”

Jinx shrugged, “It’s worth a try.”

Lucky nodded in agreement, “Let’s see what we got.” They both dove over the side of the ship and swam underneath to see what they were stuck on.

A reef hiding just under the water had caught them, the twins swam to get a good look at the hold the reef had on the ship.

Jinx made a few movements with his hands. Lucky nodded and took out from under her shirt a harmonica looking whistle. When she blew it made the same sound as that of a humpback whale. Jinx swam back up and climbed up the side of the ship.

“We’re caught on a reef.” He told the sailors around him.

“And your sister?” asked Ishmael.

“She’s doing her thing.” He answered wiping the water out of his face.

The captain commanded all crew to their battle stations. All knew that more likely there would be little fighting. The French ship would rack the without giving them a chance. They watched as the Lorian got closer.

After what seemed like hours Lucky popped over the rail. “Well?” asked her brother.

Lucky breathed deep and shock her head, “It’s no good. Either they are too far off or they are ignoring me.”

“Who?” Jonny asked.

“The whales,” Lucky explained, “there are some perks to being part nephilum.”

“Brace for impact!” yelled one man.

No one had time to grab anything before the Lorian rammed into the stern of the Rising Sun. Pieces of the ship flew there the air. Jinx fell on his sister and other crew members fell over the rail of the ship.

When the debris stopped falling Lucky shook her brother, “Jinx are you alright?”

Jinx carefully got up on his arms, “yeah, what about you?”

“I don’t think anything is broken.” She answered.

A sword came down near their faces. Jinx turned to see as lucky looked up at the man standing over them in a French navel suet.

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