Saturday, December 23, 2006


Back under the waters on the beach of Ortugia Leota sat on a rock. “the plan is in motion.” she did not need to turn to see who it was that spoke, she knew her father’s voice. he was the great sea king, one of the eldest from the days before the flood, when humans were few and so easy to manipulate.

he was taller then any human could have ever been and his green skin was mixed with scales. Tentacles like that of an octopus grew out of his head instead of hair that moved with a will of their own. On each hand he had six fingers. His eyes were black and beady. As he spoke his lips smacked and popped as he spoke. “The plan is in motion then.”

Leiota nodded, “are you sure the girl is the one to attack first?”

“Of course, just as our father below deceived humanity through the women so shell we gain this generation.”

The Shining Sun had traveled and the waters began to change colors the crew was silent. “You sure about this?” asked Jonny.

“I hope so.” Jinks answered.

“Man over board!” William yelled from the crows nest. “Port side!”

The crew went over to the rail a ring was sent out and the person pulled over the rail. “You okay miss?” asked a sailor who helped the young blue black haired girl to her feet.

She nodded, “Is Jinks aboard?” Her hair was down over her face.

“Of course I am.” Lucky looked up and smiled at her brother. “I hope you have good news, sis.”

Lucky huffed, “I wish.”

The ship changed headings and the crew was soon back to work. Jonny and jinks took Lucky back to the captain’s cabin and Lucky explained their situation.

“She wants us to do what?” Jinks shook his head in disbelief.

“Steal Meylisa’s most prized position.” Lucky nodded as she repeated herself.

“I don’t understand.” Jonny leaned forward on the table, “it’s just a fish bone right?”

“Yeah, but it ate a prophet of the most high God.” Jinks explained, “So he had a victory.”

“Okay, I may be a scaly wage and haven’t been to church since I was a lad, but didn’t God have the fish swallow Jonah then spit him back out again?”

“Yeah,” Lucky shrugged, “But don’t tell the Nephelim that, they like to focus on their meaningless victories then be reminded of their eminent defeat.”

“Sow what do we do?” asked jinks, “Meylisa would part with it.”

“But if we steal it…” started Lucky.

“We can’t steal it!” Jinks interrupted.

“Why not?” asked Jonny.

The twins looked at each other then at Jonny, “It’s impossible” Lucky said.

“No” Jinks shook his head, “it is insanity.”

Jonny smiled and leaned back in his chair. “You’re lucky then, for I specialize in all things impossible and especially in the insane.”

Lucky giggled and Jinks smiled.

The door burst open, “Captain,” it was Ishmael, “ship of the starboard stern.

“Her Color’s?” Jonny asked.

“French.” He answered, “It a navel ship.” They all hurried on to the deck. Jonny got out his spy glass.

“Are they pursuing us?” asked jinks.

Jonny handed him the eye glass, “appears that way.”

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