Thursday, December 07, 2006


“Are you sure?” asked Ishmael.

“yep.” said Captain Jonny.

“But we barley escaped the storm, should we tempt fate again?”

“Men where created to tempt fate.” Jonny smiled.

“Why don’t we just smash it open?” Ishmael was trying to avoid his captain’s orders. They worried his superstitious heart.

“Try.” Jinks said, He got up from where he was sitting and handed Ishmael a large hammer, “Go a head.”

Ishmael put all his straight behind the hammer as he swung it. There was a slight thud, but the box did not even have a dent in it.

“The only way to open it is the key.” Jinks explained.

“And it is in the witching waters?” Ishmael asked.

Jinks nodded,

Ishmael sighted, “I’ll tell the crew to change course.” he left.

“They’re not going to like it." Jonny said to Jinks.

“Hopefully my sister will have gotten it and will meet us somewhere between here and there.”

“Daughter I only wanted the best for you, to show you all that you could become.” Lieota explained.

Lucky closed her eyes and held out her hands, “Look this heart to heart has been great.” she said, “Really we should do it again sometime, but I came here for something.”

“yes I know.” Leiota said, she held out her hand in it was a heart shaped locket.

Lucky reached out for it.

Leiota closed her hand and pulled it back. “You did not think you could get something for nothing did you?”

Lucky looked disappointed. "What do you want?”

Leiota smiled, “The bone of the great fish that ate Jonah the prophet.”

“What?!” Lucky exclaimed.

“This is precious, I want something equally precious in return, besides it was rightfully mine, My half sister stole it form me.”

“So you want me to steal it back for you because you don’t have the gall to stand up to Meylisa yourself. “Lucky laughed, “you are afraid of her, and she has less daemon blood in her then you do.” Lucky was hit by a force and fell onthe ground.

Leiota’s eyes blazed, “I will only tolerate so much insolence.”

Lucky stood and brushed herself off. “Then I should go before I insight your wrath.”

Leiota smiled, “Go under the blessing of Our Father Below.”

Lucky turned, and said under her breath; “As if he could give any blessing that is not covering up a curse.” she dove into the waters and swam up to the surface. Breaking through she looked at the sky. So blue, so clear, and the sun seemed brighter then ever before. There had been a mystery in seeing the sun and the sky through the watery ceiling of Ortugia but seeing it now was like having a veil removed to see clearly the light of the sun.

Lucky floated a moment admiring the light, then she begin to tread the waters as she took out a compass. it was not a normal compass, It did not point north. The needle moved and Lucky swam in the direction it pointed. ,

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