Thursday, November 30, 2006


Lucky woke up and clenched her hands. She felt sand in them. She sat up quickly. There were glares of water reflecting off the ground. She looked up and instead of seeing the sky she saw the sun as one would see it if they were looking at it from underneath water. She stood in disbelief memorized by the sun shining through the ocean waves. How could she have gotten here, it was impossible.

“Not quiet daughter.”

Lucky turned to see a women coming out of the ocean that lapped at the beach. she looked only slightly older then herself, but Lucky knew that the women was much older. She was probably the oldest person she had ever met, except maybe Meylisa. Her blue black hair flowed down to her calves. Her skin was the color of white pearls and glowed like the moon. Her eyes were deep blue like the ocean on a clear day. Her clothing seemed to be made from sea weed and was only enough to give an illution of modesty over her well developed body. “you know who I am , don’t you?” the women asked.

“Of course I know who you are, Leiota.” Lucky said coldly, “do you expect me to bow in your presents.”

The women smiled, “That sort of thing is appropriate in the presents of the sea queen, but of course you human mother did not teach you proper etiquette, so I will excuse you rudeness.” She walked up to Lucky and begin untangling her hair. Lucky realized Leiota did not have skin, but rather scales like that of a fish. “I often wanted to know you better. To bring you up as you should have been, and to show you the love I have for you.”

Lucky angrily pulled away. “Nephium do not know love.”

“Oh but we do.” Leiota said, “More love then your human mother ever could have.” She said human as though she was spitting.

“Yes, I have seen what your love looks like.” Lucky was still angry. “You forced my brother and I to have a share of the curse you are under.”

Leiota sat on a rock, “what makes you think you were not under the curse.”

Lucky held up four fingers, “Fourth generation, I am not accountable for your sin.” She brought her hand down, “besides I have the blessing through my mother, the human you despise.”

Leiota stood and walked up to Lucky, “Oh daughter what makes you think the blessing of God is so great?” Leiota reached out to stork Lucky’s hair.

Lucky stepped away from Leiota, “I’ll never know, thanks to this mark your minions put on me.” she held up her arm there on her wrist was a tattoo, that of a squiggly line and of a stick girl underneath.

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