Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Lucky swam to the surface, “Jinks!” she yelled over the storm. “Jinks!” there was nothing she swam against the current towards where she hoped to find him. But the current continued to push her back. “Stop it” she said to the raging waves. Not knowing what else to do she grabbed a near by piece of what used to be her boat. “Jinks!” She tried once more the only answer was a wave that crashed down on her sending her into darkness.

The storm cleared. Jonny’s crew stood near the rail, “’Tis unnatural.” Said one crew member. The others pulled William back on deck.

Jonny looked back, the english ship was no where to be seen. “The sea smiles on us gents,” he walked up to the bridge, “get us back on course.

“Man over board!” yelled one mate.

The crew hurried to get the floating person out of the water. It was a young man in his early twenties. He was conscious and they wrapped a blinket around him. He was taken to the captain in his state room, he quickly introduce himself.

“You’re a lucky one, Jinx.” Jonny said offering him some rum.

The young man took a quick drink, “Have you seen anyone else?” he asked.

Jonny shook his head, “No.”

“Where there any other ships?”

“Before the storm came up, yes, an English military ship it's gone now.”

Jinx shook his head, “that is not good.” a box on the table caught his eye, “Is that what I think it is?”

“Captian Jin dead man’s chest?” Jonny smiled, “yes, but I have no idea of how to open it.”

Morgan got up and looked at the box, there on it was the symbol. Jonny walked up behind Jinx and saw him fingering the symbol, “I have no idea what it means.”

“It means their union.” Jinx said


“Captain Jin and Leto.” Jinx exposed his wrist, “The mark of the descendents of the sea nephilim” there was a squiggly line on his wrist, with a stick man underneath it.

“The legend is true then?”

“Yes.” Jinx looked at the box.

“Do you understand this?” Jonny pointed at the inscription and the symbol.

Yes.” his finger brushed the engraving, “we need my sister, Lucky.”

“I guess we hope the sea did not claim her.”

Jinx smirked and said, “No the sea takes care of it’s own.”

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